I get that some natural remedies may help, but for the love of GOD, someone take the garlic clove in the vagina OFF of the internet. Looking for insta-relief without a car one day during a yeast infection, I thought I was being a badass by finding the shove-a-garlic-clove-up-your-vagina alternative. Please do this… » 12/06/14 3:11pm 12/06/14 3:11pm

Hey there, I wouldn't really take note of side effects this early with an SSRI as you do not feel any of the positive effects until a good 4-6 weeks after starting. 5mg is extremely low so any side effects will be extremely minor. I was on lexapro for six years at 10-20mg and it really does come down to your lifestyle… » 11/16/14 11:09am 11/16/14 11:09am

I'm really happy for Eve but that photo of him only alerts my brain to: CREST WHITE STRIPS for him. This comes from someone with a completely irrational fear of yellowing teeth. » 6/15/14 12:16pm 6/15/14 12:16pm

Straight up. I'm in my early 30's now and don't go a week without it at least once because it's the BEST stress reliever. I'm just sad I figured this out in my thirties. » 5/30/14 5:23pm 5/30/14 5:23pm

Rewind to about two years back to when I met my guy on FB. We knew OF each other since we went to high school together so we had been FB friends due to having tons of mutual friends but never actually spoke. At this point, I was well ahead into my first year of post-college newbie work and he was working off the coast… » 5/30/14 7:17pm 5/30/14 7:17pm

Ooooh, love these GT open posts! My Grandma, whom I love dearly, pulls out a recipe year after year from 1958. It's of one of those horrific mint-colored pastel jello mold cakes with other gelatinous bits of... meat, carrots, and any other NOPE thing you can add to the already horrific jello mold. Every year, it… » 5/30/14 2:14pm 5/30/14 2:14pm

I know it's hard to focus on what they did/didn't do for you guys, but to take some stress off your shoulders, I'd just get them something, but small. I'm just thinking do unto others what you'd want done to you but I know that's like impossible with selfish people. I'd give them something...albeit small, or even a… » 5/28/14 6:19pm 5/28/14 6:19pm

There was absolutely no need to narrow-mindedly assume what all Americans think and attacking ericafalls. I've lived in over five countries, including one now outside of the US as an American. I can't speak for all Americans but this one thinks America IS a pretty great place to live. » 5/27/14 3:17pm 5/27/14 3:17pm

That looks UH-MAZING. Can I join you for some? Apparently the different kinds of cabbage have so many good vitamins for you. Now you've inspired me to make some with this recipe - thanks! (Can you ask your Chef Dad what is the best way to cook giant prawns? I just bought some thinking they looked so interesting and… » 5/26/14 12:47pm 5/26/14 12:47pm

I agree with you to an extent. His father actually didn't take him to all those Star Wars premieres - that was his mother, who had connections with George Lucas. I believe she even briefly dated him, as he states somewhere in that horrific manifesto. The father seemed to be very involved in his upbringing and… » 5/25/14 5:22pm 5/25/14 5:22pm

About a month ago a good guy friend texted me something I kept because it made me laugh and smile. He said, "Tom.Cruise.Is.Weird, you have a beauty about you that I, who is relatively good with words, cannot describe. It's like you were created in some weird government facility that just took what is desirable and… » 5/23/14 7:41pm 5/23/14 7:41pm