Second interview scheduled for next week out of the country during a visit. Anyone have any recommendations for interview outfits for outside temps that are hot, muggy, and humid? I want to try to stay as cool as possible to avoid forehead waterfalls and chia pet hair.

I am so stressed today that when at the drive-thru just a while ago, I ordered a cheeseburger (because it's a cheeseburger kind of day) and then I said, "please add cheese." to a silent speakerbox. I though I had ordered a hamburger for a second. Ugh.

Does anyone else do freelance work in whatever industry you're in and sell yourself short to potential clients? I feel I do this too much. While I know the quality of my work and I'm sure I can charge more than I do, but I just freak out at the last minute and quote lower because I don't want to lose them as a…